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Cedarpass Creative is a creative outlet dedicated to making simple, focused, and beautiful experiences around the great outdoors. The shop was founded on the idea that if something you want doesn’t exist, go and make it.

I loved the comfort and flexibility of t-shirts, but couldn’t find any I liked. The choices were to wear a billboard-sized logo, a gift-shop theme straight from a greeting card, or some weird combination of the two. Besides the art, these shirts were often made overseas, without much attention given to quality or production impact.

A few years ago, I set out to design a line of shirts I would be proud of, and proud to wear. Shirts that subtly noted my passion for the outdoors with responsible manufacturing at all stages. With messages woven into the designs that were true of the human experience. The common threads we share with nature.

These lessons mean something different to us all. That’s the beauty of it. While we have a universal passion for the outdoors, what we seek and receive from our wild places is as diverse as the places we go.

We are a strong advocate of quality. Quality pays. It gives people something that will last a lifetime of adventures, at an affordable price that values their hard earned money. Quality also pays to our environment. Better made products last longer and have a smaller impact on our finite resources. Buy less, but better.

Everything in the shop is made in the USA. We are proud to support other small businesses around the country who are dedicated to making the best products, while sharing our values. 

While it’s a crowded marketplace, we seek to be different by staying true to ourselves. Doing good. Promoting responsible enjoyment of our great outdoors. Getting outside and living our best life. We encourage you to do the same.

- Christopher