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We have a responsibility to protect and preserve the places we love and live. Simple actions have a big impact.

Explore Forever is our ongoing commitment to unite our beliefs with our business. To become a more responsible business in every metric. These areas of focus are important to us:


  • Make quality products that have a long, useful life. 
  • Source the friendliest materials, minimize environmental impact at all stages.
  • Partner with suppliers who share our values and maintain their own commitments to social and environmental responsibility.
  • Continue using domestic cleaner cotton in all our apparel. Make improvements where possible.
  • Source all materials and manufacture all goods in the USA. This equates to less product transit, high quality goods, and supporting other American small businesses. 


  • Reduce the amount of packaging in all products to mitigate landfill / incinerator waste. A great brand experience supersedes wasteful packaging.


  • Use recycled, and recyclable shipping materials for all orders. 
  • Use shipping materials to promote our Explore Forever mantra of Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

Ongoing Commitments

  • Be good and do good.
  • Always be improving and find better ways to do things. 
  • Encourage others to adopt more responsible consumer habits.
  • Support like-minded people, organizations, and nonprofits who are making positive steps in their respective fields.


Returns & Recycling

Your Cedarpass goods are made for a lifetime of adventures. If you decide to part ways with anything you've bought from us, we encourage you to pass it along or recycle it. Check in your local community for options. If none, send us a quick message and we will help coordinate the best way for you to responsibly redirect your item(s).